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      �ふプ愦"We are creatures of action," hazarded the Doctor, with the air of a man embarking upon a long mental voyage, "we act from certain motives. There is a principle known as Cause and Effect. Everything is related. Every action has its equal and opposite re-action. Nobody can do anything, or even think anything, without producing some change, however slight, in the general flow of things. Every movement that we make, almost every thought that passes through our minds, starts another ripple upon the surface of time, upon this endless stream of cause and effect."瘠抖岔┞Mr. Flack shook his head thoughtfully. Presently he got up, walked to the end of the mantelpiece, placed his smoked-out pipe on the edge and took an empty one from behind an ornament. Then he returned to his seat and sat for a long time with the empty pipe in his mouth.ぬ螭ゥ鹌ヂ

      "You're right, Sam," said George Bynes, who had hit up many a century for his town in bygone days, "tain't cricket. Else it's a[Pg 28] fluke; the man didn't ought to be allowed to hold bat in his hand. It's spoiling other folks' sport."ゥ讠食[Pg 153]荪萍[Pg 116]ぅю


      VIIIゥゥ氓ぅㄈ┮He found his razor, plunged it into cold water—he had forgotten to ask Mrs. Flack for hot, and couldn't be bothered now—and lathered his face thoughtfully.委リイFor to guile[1] dat golden cha--ain. My Lawdy! it's a sinゥた

      "Proofs? no! you saw things taken from the body of another man in Oliver's clothes! Oliver swapped places with him on the boat going down to the city so's he could come back to these parts without being hung by the Yankees; swapped with a sick soldier, one of a pair that wanted to desert; swapped names, clothes, bandages, letters, everything. It was that soldier that died of the congestive chill and was buried by your mother with his face in a blanket--as, like enough, mine will be before another day is done--Oh, Lord, Lord! my head will burst!"`郡Iョ%润斜As he approached the figure standing beneath the incandescent lamp, the clerical beam upon the Curate's clean-shaven features deepened into a more secular expression of heartfelt relief.氦ふモぅ


      "He—he—goes by machinery, sir. He's a clockwork man."ヶぢバで"Did you see that?" Hetty demanded, again.ぴエ幛去拔颏

      The Doctor shuddered slightly, and leaned his head upon his arm. "Consider yourself[Pg 176] lucky that you never did see the clock, and that you never had the opportunity of testing its efficiency. It is all very well for you to wax enthusiastic over your theories, but facts are hard masters."廿另い窳栉が"Oh, Arthur!" Her hand went up to pull[Pg 198] down his, for the moment, unwilling head. "Oh, Arthur, we will get married some day."い いBut the other jerked his thumb toward the half-closed parlor, where Miss Harper and Cécile sat close, to each other absorbed in some matter of the tenderest privacy. "They'll attend to that," he muttered; "come on to bed and mind your own business."イ凌

      There was some organ faintly approximating to the human heart, but it was infinitely more powerful, and the valvular action was exceedingly complex.ぅ�镬袱ゥ拐�ゐホ


      The next second he found himself contemplating what was apparently an empty heap of clothes lying upon the floor at his feet.サぅ"I think," said Gregg, with curious calmness, "I think we had better warn the police. He's likely to be dangerous."ゎ`ぅ钮啷ブ�う嫦あ

      "Yes," I responded, pondering, "he may easily have learned about her," and I called to mind that chief-of-staff of whom Charlotte had told us. Then, remembering her emotional shadow-play on the window-shade, I added, "He knew at least what would be important news to her--Captain, I have it!"ぅ播咤テ"What's that?" shouted Arthur, backing away. "What's that you said?"ヤ"Exceedingly." The Clockwork man's head nodded up and down with a regular rhythm. "The whole aim of man is convenience." He jerked himself forward a few paces, as though[Pg 81] impelled against his will. "But my present situation, you know, is extremely inconvenient."ゥ枵ぅ─蓼