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      ‘Yes, sir. I heard yesterday of my mother’s death.’挨榍揭�ぅイ谌ゥカ‘Well, I call that beautiful,’ she said, ‘and if you’ll let me know when the funeral is, I’ll send a wreath.’妲辛


      ‘Rude? You said, “rude.” How was she rude?’リイデゥゥぅKeeling suddenly pointed an awful forefinger at her.ぅエムイイ‘I adore my new parish,’ he said. ‘I was almost afraid when I took the living I should find too little to do. But coming home late last night from a bedside, if I saw one drunken man I must have seen twenty, some roaring drunk, some simply stupidly drunk, dear fellows! I asked two of them to come home with me, and have another drink, and there was I in the middle with two drunken lads, one with a black eye, reeling along Alfred Street. I don’t know what my parishioners must have thought of their new pastor. You should seen my housekeeper’s face, when I{56} told her that I had brought two friends home with me.’さ━溽

      ‘I shall have to then, if he asks me,’ she said. ‘Or couldn’t you manage to steal it?’イぅ驻¥ゥMrs Keeling instantly saw that this was a joke.{55}ぅィ虻‘I see you can work quickly as well as carefully,’ he said.ェ菠ゥ陇

      �腚·に瑗搐昆‘Yes, sir. It’s published at £25, isn’t it, Norah?’惩殪昆铳ヶ佶‘There’s a very fine Morte d’Arthur of his which you haven’t got, sir,’ said Propert.d鹌扭没パ


      ‘I gather that the owner wishes the transaction to be private,’ he said. ‘And I wish the same.’イ�イいカゥイ‘Who’d have thought it, do you ask?’ he said. ‘Why, I thought it; I knew it all along, I may say.’圣铃

      �螗スゎ‘Oh, you just wait till he does, and that won’t be a very long wait,’ she said. ‘You think you’ll be shy and nervous, but you won’t when your turn comes. I’ll be bound you like him well enough really.’籁ゥ鹿¥�い颟っ也

      �ガ谏�い壅‘And he got better?’ asked Mrs Keeling, with breathless interest, but feeling that this was very daring conversation.趣


      �黏`啸·The hand of benediction did not seem to be acting well, and Mr Silverdale took it down. He used it instead to cover his eyes. He was quite genuinely sorry for Alice, but at the back of his mind he could not help considering what a wonderful person he must be to inspire this passion without ever having meant to. There was a fascination about him....︽�い播ぅ

      �イぐShe flushed a little.锸━�菱ゥゥ亥な

        2021-01-23 18:31:55