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      �ッ埔顼搐蕙黻�ヒ违耸鄄ミ"When we went into the court-room, a man had just been sentenced to receive twenty blows of the bamboo, and the sentence was immediately carried out. He was ordered to lie down with his face to the floor; his back was then stripped, and while his legs and arms were held by attendants, the executioner laid on the twenty blows with a bamboo stick about six[Pg 370] feet long and two inches wide. One side of the stick was rounded and the other was flat; the flesh was blistered at every stroke, or raised in a great puff, and it is certain that the man must be some time in getting well. He did not scream or make the least outcry, but took his punishment patiently, and was raised to his feet at its end. He bowed to the judge, and, perhaps, thanked him for the attention he had received, and was then led away to make room for some one else.ゾ袱ベで饱ネ

      �Δ躢ゃ扭THE SAMISEN. THE SAMISEN.ヰ埭腺槔偻い"Well, that was the moxa. It is not very often used in our country, nor in Europe, but it is very common in Japan."べイ杭ヲ


      VIGNETTE FROM THE NATIONAL BANK-NOTES. VIGNETTE FROM THE NATIONAL BANK-NOTES.侉ロノ辚雀"Well, no. It's the horse he captured the time he got the Yankee who had him prisoner."イいゥ钜They passed by several temples, and, after a time, their way led through some narrow streets and up a gently sloping hill. Suddenly they halted and were told that they had reached their stopping-place. There are several hotels at Kioto in the foreign style, but all kept and managed by Japanese. John declared that the one to which he had brought them was the best, but he added, in a quiet whisper, that it was not so good as the hotels at Kobe and Yokohama. After a day's experience of the establishment, Frank suggested that he could make an improvement in John's English.ゥ¥靴サゅ

      I found the clerks' mess a bunch of bright good fellows. After supper, stretched on the harsh turf under the June stars, with everyone's head (save mine) in some one's lap, we smoked, talked and sang. Only Gholson was called away, by duty, and so failed to hear the laborious jests got off at his expense. To me the wits were disastrously kind. Never had I been made a tenth so much of; I was even urged to sing "All quiet along the Potomac to-night," and was courteously praised when I had done so. But there is where affliction overtook me; they debated its authorship. One said a certain newspaper correspondent, naming him, had proved it to be the work--I forget of whom. But I shall never forget what followed. Two or three challenged the literary preeminence of that correspondent, and from as many directions I was asked for my opinion. Ah me! Lying back against a pile of saddles with my head in my hands, sodden with self-assurance, I replied, magnanimously, "Oh, I don't set up for a critic, but--well--would you call him a better man than Charlie Toliver?"い嗦庭レジA SEDAN-CHAIR WITH FOUR BEARERS. A SEDAN-CHAIR WITH FOUR BEARERS.ゥ�攻澶いい


      Fred asked if the government took away the pensions of these men and gave them nothing in return.ゥA few glances were all they wanted, as Frank was not long in ascertaining that it would require years of study to acquaint himself with enough of the language to be able to converse in it. Fred learned, about the same time, that there was a written language and a spoken one, and the two were so unlike that a man can read and write Chinese without being able to speak it, and can speak without being able to read and write. They found that very few foreigners who came to China to stay for years ever troubled themselves to learn the language, but were contented with "pidgin English." Then the question very naturally arose, "What is pidgin English?"ぅ渐ア席荭

      FAN-MAKERS AT WORK. FAN-MAKERS AT WORK.堡や涤"A little way off from this ploughman there was a man threshing grain on some slats; they looked like a small ladder placed on an incline, and the way he did the work was to take a handful of grain and thresh it against the slats till he had knocked out all the kernels and left nothing but the straw. Such a thing as a threshing-machine would astonish them very much, I should think, and I don't believe they would allow it to run.[Pg 333] Labor is so cheap in China that they don't want any machinery to save it; when you can hire a man for five cents a day, and even less, you haven't any occasion to economize.锨斓ЗいぅA PATH NEAR NAGASAKI. A PATH NEAR NAGASAKI.骳绀嘘ぴ┩

      "The wall follows all the inequalities of the surface of the earth, winding over mountains and through valleys, crossing rivers by massive archways, and stretching straight as a sunbeam over the level plain.ョ�イゥだ佾いCHAPTER XII.偿ざ亥%锞


      �皮ヮ谊ァ"Wonder if we shall ever see it again?"ぅ蚕ぅタゥ�抓ゥヅ