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      "It is as I tell you!"ᷤ˵�ϪɤHer reserve told me that I would not get much information here, and, finishing my beer, I asked:ʾ

      Namur was shelled on August 21st and the 23rd. Many houses were then already wrecked, many civilians killed. On the 23rd the Belgian army withdrew and only some of the forts were defended. This withdrawal of the Belgian army may have been a strategical necessity, but it is certain that the forts had not been defended unto the last. Five forts fell into the hands of the Germans without having suffered any damage.ƤTo follow out the application of power to the propulsion of vessels and trains, with the many abstruse problems that would of necessity be involved, would be to carry this work far beyond the limits within which it is most likely to be useful to the apprentice engineer; besides, it would be going beyond what can properly be termed manipulation.ϼThe invention is now complete, and as the principles are all within the scope of practical mechanism, there is nothing left to do but to devise such mechanical expedients as will carry out the principles laid down. This mechanical scheming is a second, and in some sense an independent part of machine improvement, and should always be subservient to principles; in fact, to separate mechanical scheming from principles, generally constitutes what has been called chance invention.⤳


      ��Andenne offered a dismal spectacle. The doors and windows of the houses that were not completely burned down had been kicked and beaten to pieces, and boards had been nailed before the holes. The inhabitants hung about disconsolately, and I could tell by their faces how they suffered, for every family in the town mourned the death of one dear to them.dȤ

      �"The miserable behaviour of the men has been the cause that a non-commissioned officer and a private were seriously wounded by German ammunition.But from my personal knowledge and the evidence referred to, I am able to establish the following facts in connection with the events that preceded and followed the destruction of Louvain.饥Ԥ



      In constructing patterns where it is optional whether to employ cores or not, and in preparing drawings for castings which may have either a ribbed or a cored section, it is nearly always best to employ cores. The usual estimate of the difference between the cost of moulding rib and cored sections, as well as of skeleton and cored patterns, is wrong. The expense of cores is often balanced by the advantage of having an 'open mould,' that is accessible for repairs or facing, and by the greater durability and convenience of the solid patterns. Taking, for example, a column, or box frame for machinery, that might be made either with a rib or a cored section, it would at first thought seem that patterns for a cored casting would cost much more by reason of the core-boxes; but it must be remembered that in most patterns labour is the principal expense, and what is lost in the extra lumber required for a core-box or in making a solid pattern is in many cases more than represented in the greater amount of labour required to construct a rib pattern.dή(1.) Under what conditions is hydraulic apparatus a suitable means for transmitting power?—(2.) To what class of operations is hydraulic apparatus mostly applied?—(3.) Why is not water as suitable a medium as air or steam in transmitting power for general purposes?Υͤڥ"Not allowed!"c

      �ڪ̥In a café, lower down, near the canal I saw a number of German soldiers, and was successful in having a chat with the inn-keeper, at the farthest corner of the bar. I asked him, of course, what they meant by burning the village, and he told me that the Germans had made a number of unsuccessful attacks on Fort Pontisse, until at last they reduced it to silence. They were now so near that they could open the final assault. They were afraid, however, of some ambush, or underground mine, and the Friday before they had collected the population, whom they forced to march in front of them. When they had got quite near they dared not enter it yet, and drove the priest and twelve of the principal villagers before them. That is how Pontisse was conquered.̥No wonder that the inhabitants were afraid and looked askance at me as they mistook me for a German.䤥


      �Disintegrating machines, such as are employed for pulverising various substances, grinding grain or pulp, separating fibrous material, and so on, are, with some exceptions, simple enough to be readily understood. One of these exceptions is the rotary "disintegrators," recently introduced, about the action of which some diversity of opinion exists. The effect produced is certainly [60] abrasive wear, the result of the pieces or particles striking one against another, or against the revolving beaters and casing. The novelty of the process is in the augmented effect produced by a high velocity, or, in other words, the rapidity of the blows.ɥɨCHAPTER XXXI. PLANING OR RECIPROCATING MACHINES.

      �奤�ΤܤIt struck me always that as soon as something took place anywhere which might lead to disorder, the method adopted was as follows: first a fusillade in order to scare the inhabitants, secondly looting of numberless bottles of wine, and finally cruel, inhuman murders, the ransacking and the wrecking.ϥ