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      It was many years since Keeling had given any notice at all to such unmarketable objects as chestnut-buds or building birds. Spring had a certain significance, of course, in the catering department, for early vegetables made their appearance, and{230} soon there would arrive the demand for plovers’ eggs: spring, in fact, was a phenomenon that stirred in his pocket rather than his heart. But this year it was full of hints to him, of delicate sensations too fugitive to be called emotions, of sudden little thrills of vague longings and unformulated desires. A surreptitious half-sheet lurked in the blotting-paper on his library table on which he scrawled the date of some new flower’s epiphany, or the fact that a thrush was building in the heart of a syringa outside the window. It was characteristic of his business habits to tabulate those things: it was characteristic also that he should thrust the catalogue deep into the leaves of his blotting-paper, as if it held some guilty secret.よ�ム乩杠酩い�ぅ洫

      �ぅゥ昆庭Suddenly the whole of the vague internal movements of her mind flashed into his vision, as intelligible as some perfectly simple business{146} proposition. She had a certain justification too: it was awkward that Norah had run into the exit of the ladies, that his wife had been saying that none of them ever entered the library. He knew the mind of Bracebridge pretty well, the slightly malicious construction that women like Mrs Fyson would find themselves compelled to put on it all. He knew also the mind of his wife, and the effect which it clearly had had on her. Her sense of propriety, of dignity had been assaulted: it was a queer thing to have happened. Then there was Norah’s presence in her drawing-room. He had insisted on that, for, at the moment, it seemed the most straightforward thing to do. But he was beginning to think it had been a mistake. Something about the girl, her beauty (and never had that struck him so forcibly as when he saw her standing by Alice), her air of breeding, of education, of simplicity in front of those draped easels and painted looking-glasses had stirred some long latent potentiality for jealousy in his wife. It was that suggestion which suddenly enraged him.氓楗耪‘Well, I’m sure Alice must have thought it very odd your bringing your typewriter into my drawing-room,’ she said.ぅ盲咕


      ‘Now this is doctor’s orders,’ he said. ‘You are to sit cosily by the fire, and talk to any poor parson who comes to see you. The dose is to be taken at exactly half-past four!’ゥ车べぅShe could not improve on that either for silliness or pathetic sincerity, and unable to contemplate the delay which the post would entail, she gave it to the boy covered with buttons to carry it at once by hand to the Vicarage and wait for an answer. That would take half an hour: there were thirty delicious minutes of suspense, for though she did not doubt the purport of his answer, it was thrilling to have to wait for it.{217}ゥぅパ‘Ah, I dare say he’ll find something he likes,’ said this dreadful old lady, observing with malicious{22} pleasure that Alice’s colour, as she would have phrased it, ‘was mounting.’胎

      ‘Very stupid, Mamma dear,’ she said. ‘I couldn’t dream of telling you all we said to each other.’めいイ豫い�イ鹰ゥ�撙芝や



      Alice felt her colour rising till she imagined her face as red as her gown. She decided to treat the question humorously.单メソ�イ蠖舂ゥぐHe paused.タゥ

      He dropped the paper, and stood up by the fireplace.ルなゥ郅愆ツ‘No excuse necessary, my lord,’ said Keeling. ‘Please take a chair.’Д�渐柝シd钉ぅ


      �搋ゥゥ伐いHe looked rather grimly at his watch.说ョ�デ

      �峒触ゥゼMr Keeling regarded his wife with a faint twinkle lurking behind his gray eyes.韦イイ�ウいジ攻ぐ