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      �イ堡ヒHe took his cheque-book out of his drawer and wrote.ぬぷゥ郛ろ喇‘Yes, sir. The highest certificates in both. She’s a bit of an artist too in drawing and wood-cutting.’ヲ

      ‘I suppose so.’ミ翱袱く‘They weren’t rude to you?’ he asked, growing grim again.ぅ�搐


      �丹�ぶいえぼイい‘Nice books,’ said Charles.ゥねぅ

      ‘I see you can work quickly as well as carefully,’ he said.イと茎イ┆ぅ‘I don’t quite catch what you said, John,’ she remarked. ‘Perhaps you can tell me what the sermon was about this morning.{21}’ゑ萌丧Norah paused before she answered.挢ぅヮ捣


      She smiled, or he thought she smiled, and that together with her reply enraged him.玷ぅ‘I wonder if you would do me a great favour,’ he said bluntly.ぅ獍

      �ぁ┿ボォ�丧ゥ恧工瘩It would have been easy, so the simple and obviously-minded person would think, for her to have turned on the electric light, and have saved her eyes. But there were subtler and more compelling reasons which stood in the way of doing that. The first was that the light would almost certainly awaken her mother, who, by beginning to talk again, as she always did when a nap had refreshed her, would put an end to Alice’s private reflections which flourished best in dusk and in silence. A second reason was that it was more than likely that Mr Silverdale would presently drop in for tea, and it was decidedly more interesting to be found sitting at work, with her profile outlined against the smouldering glow of sunset, than to be sitting under the less becoming glare of{99} an electric lamp. For the same reason she did not put on the spectacles which she would otherwise have worn.ぉ母

      ‘No, I must turn too,’ he said. ‘Mayn’t I walk with you?’饱ぅブ浃�啸ペワゥイ泐‘John has had enough shop from his pastor, haven’t you, my dear boy?’ he said, with the greatest good humour. ‘We clergy are terrible people for talking shop, and we don’t seem to mind how boring and tiresome we are. You get enough jaw at school, pi’jaw we used to call it, without being preached at when you come home.’げゥ誧い


      �ぴサゥ�ェ佗‘And I’m told she has a nice little fortune of her own,’ continued Mrs Goodford. ‘Trust a Keeling for that. Ah, dear me, yes: there are some that go up in the world and some that go down, and I never heard that the Keelings were among those that go down.’そ颇肖撙辘

      �累膀シ弩むポ�ゥビ‘Good-evening, Miss Propert,’ he said. ‘I want you, if you will, to leave your work now, and come into the drawing-room to talk to my wife and daughter for a few minutes, while I ring for a cab for you. It is snowing hard.’鹛ぅ佥饯