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      VALLEY OF THE NEVERSINK. VALLEY OF THE NEVERSINK.ぅ范ア袱衩膝She stopped for a moment, smiling at him through her tears.ケいツД�馍イ

      "Dead ahead, sir," replied the officer. "'Tis Fusiyama, sir."ぅャKeeling found himself alternately envying and detesting this impenetrable armour. There was no joint in it, it was abominably complete. And even while he hated it, he appreciated and coveted it.め妤ぅ阆‘Never mind that.’本弗


      But sad, indeed, to see that oceanいイよ芝�イJAPANESE LADY COMING FROM THE BATH. JAPANESE LADY COMING FROM THE BATH.ゥボ

      ...Would the bluebells reflect their colour on to her face, as the daffodils she wore one day had done? By the way, no word had been said about the hour at which they should meet. But it did not matter: he would be there and she....イ蓼In preparing illustrations for this volume the publishers have kindly allowed me to make use of some engravings that have already appeared in[Pg 10] their publications relative to China and Japan. I have made selections from the volumes of Sir Rutherford Alcock and the Rev. Justus Doolittle, and also from the excellent work of Professor Griffis, "The Mikado's Empire." In the episode of a whaling voyage I have been under obligations to the graphic narrative of Mr. Davis entitled "Nimrod of the Sea," not only for illustrations, but for incidents of the chase of the monsters of the deep.圪い�ゥおい

      This reminded the Doctor of a story, and at the general request he told it.のい雌き讥"'I opened my tobacco-box to take a mouthful of fine-cut to steady my nerves. I suppose my hand was a little unsteady; anyhow, I dropped some of the tobacco on the floor of the whale's stomach. It gave a convulsive jump, and I saw at once the whale wasn't used to it. I picked up a jack-knife I saw layin' on the floor, and cut a ping of tobacco into fine snuff, and scattered it around in the little wrinkles in the stomach. You should have seen how the medicine worked. The stomach began to heave as though a young earthquake had opened up under it, and then it squirmed and twisted, and finally turned wrong side out, and flopped me into the sea. The mate's boat was there picking up the men from the smashed boat, and just as they had given me up for lost they saw me and took me in. They laughed when I told them of the inside of the whale, and the printin' I saw there; but when I showed them the old jack-knife with the American eagle on one side and Jonah's name on the other, they stopped laughin' and looked serious. It is always well to have something on hand when you are tellin' a true story, and that knife was enough.'イ[Pg 51]ォい


      ‘I know you have. I cared about that too.’ぅ‘I loved him,’ she said.ホ�死


      �ぅ疥�屋いぷ"You must be very careful not to lose that letter," said Mr. Bassett.恫四萼


      Fred wanted ever so much to send home a goldfish with a very wide and beautiful tail. The fish didn't seem to be much unlike a common goldfish, except in the tail, which was triple, and looked like a piece of lace. As it swam around in the water, especially when the sun was shining on the globe, its tail seemed to have nearly as many colors as the rainbow, and both the boys were of opinion that no more beautiful fish was ever seen. But the proposal to send it to America was rather dampened by the statement of the Doctor that the experiment had been tried several times, and only succeeded in a very few instances. Almost all the fish died on the voyage over the Pacific; and even when they lived through that part of the trip, the overland journey from San Francisco to the Atlantic coast generally proved too much for them. The Japanese name for this fish is kin-giyo, and a pair of them may be bought for ten cents. It is said that a thousand dollars were offered for the first one that ever reached New York alive, which is a large advance on the price in Yokohama.璋いイタ"Because we're going to Pek-in."饱护イ�茎イ工



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